What do Goldfinches Eat?

I am lucky enough to have a variety of garden birds that dine at my tables and feeders, I have even managed to attract chaffinches with some regularity, stunning little birds with a divine song. This made me think about the goldfinch, another member of the finch family. There seem so many similarities between the … Read more

What do Starlings Eat?

The common starling, Sturnus Vulgaris, is one of the most predominant garden birds in the U.K. Easily recognisable by his white spotted breast and glossy plumage, not black as some would think but metallic purpley green. It’s not so simple to pick him out with your eyes closed though, the clever bird has his own … Read more

Do Starlings Mate for Life?

If you have ever been fortunate enough to see a starling murmuration then I’m sure that you found it breathtaking and mesmerising. Thousands of the same species of bird swooping in unison, swirling through the evening sky in huge swarms, so in time with each other that it almost looks choreographed. I have seen this … Read more

How to attract Chaffinches to your garden

The male chaffinch with his resplendent colouring and melodious song would be a most welcome guest at any garden feeding table yet they are often conspicuous by their absence. I spent many happy hours watching the to-ing and fro-ing from my bird tables and often wondered why chaffinches were not a common feature, just an … Read more

How to tame a Robin

Robin Red Breast, even his name sounds adorable. Erithacus Rubecula to give him his proper title, sounds grand and pompous, so unlike his seemingly friendly, mischievous character. My Robin is called Christopher, but then I imagine most are. Who hasn’t seen a robin on their garden fence and stopped for a moment to watch and … Read more

How to make Fat Balls for Birds

Making Fat Balls is a lot easier than you would think! It makes a great weekend family project and the result is seeing the marvellous birds flock to your home made feast. Click here to jump straight down to the recipe. I have spent many happy hours sat in my garden, usually early in the … Read more

Are Sparrows good luck?

Different cultures perceive Sparrows differently. Some believe they are good luck, others bad luck. Here is a breakdown of what Sparrows symbolise to each culture: In Indonesia, sparrows are considered as Good Luck Charm. They believe that if a sparrow comes to your house, someone will marry in the family or have the opportunity to … Read more

What do Chaffinches Eat?

Sat in my garden watching the many varieties of bird that visit my numerous feeding stations pondering if they are particularly selective about their diets or if all birds eat all bird seed? The chaffinch is probably my favourite songbird, not just because of his tuneful song but because of the beautiful bright colouring of … Read more

Do Starlings Migrate?

Most of us think of starlings as being resident birds and, it is true, that most are always with us. Yes, some Starlings DO migrate. Others are migratory though. These account for the huge increase in the starling population which occurs when birds, from northern Europe, arrive to spend the winter in the UK because … Read more

Do Pigeons Mate for Life?

For many years, pigeons have been performing many functional tasks for humans. They differ in colors and forms. Not only are they lovely creatures, but they also possess some great abilities. Domesticating Pigeons Since they adapt easily to any type of environment, they can certainly be maintained in areas with a dense population. They can … Read more

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