Where Do Jays Nest

I have a new-found fascination with the jay. It began when I found out that their passion for acorns is credited with the rapid spread and regrowth of oak trees after they were wiped out in the last Ice Age. Their hidden cache of food, stored for winter when acorns aren’t prevalent, is often forgotten, … Read more

What do Blue Tits Eat?

Before now, blue tits had a monopoly on the relatively tricky feeder types people were distributing. The small birds could only feed on coconut shells filled with fat or on chains of monkey nuts. They were also the bird that most often stole cream from milk bottles that normally stood at the door. What to … Read more

What Do Jays Eat

Jays are the brightest coloured of the crow family. They are easily identified by their pink plumage, the flash of brilliant blue on their wings and their funny-looking moustache. They live in deciduous and coniferous woodland where they are more often heard before they are seen. Jays fly overhead, letting out loud screeches as they … Read more

Are Bullfinches in Decline

It is easy to forget about the bullfinch, and that’s just the way they want it. They are timid characters that flee if humans get too near.  Sometimes the only way of knowing that a bullfinch is close by is by hearing their weak, melancholic call from inside a hedgerow. It is easy to think … Read more

Where Do Blackbirds Nest

I’m really fond of blackbirds, probably because I see so many of them in my garden. They come very close to the house to nibble at the goodies I leave out; I get a great view of them. My neighbour has a row of conifers at the back of his properties and asked where blackbirds … Read more

Do Birds Sing at Night

My garden seems a fairly quiet place at night, at least from the birdsong point of view . Occasionally,  I hear the beautiful song of the robin coming from the front of the house, but few other sounds. I wondered if birds make noise at night or if they all find a safe place to … Read more

When Do Birds Fledge The Nest

You might be interested to know when birds fledge the nest if you have urgent hedge and tree pruning to undertake. Before attempting any such jobs, it is wise to check that all the occupants have left the nest, as it is an offence to remove or damage them. Fledging is the act of caring … Read more

What Do Blackbirds Eat

My garden seems to be a haven for the local blackbirds; I am often awoken to the sound of them leading the dawn chorus. When it comes to feeding time, they seem at their happiest pecking in the lawn, borders, and beds. They’re obviously hunting for worms; which made me wonder when there are no … Read more

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