Best Bird Watching Binoculars 2022 UK

Watching the many varieties of songbirds merrily dining at my feeders truly is my happy place. Although my knowledge is relatively extensive about their feeding and nesting habits, there is always so much more to learn I don’t always recognise each species and need a closer inspection. That’s where my best bird watching binoculars come … Read more

Best Bird Baths 2022 UK (Including Buying Guide)

Have you ever watched a garden bird take a bath? I have and it is a delightful sight, watching them puff up their feathers to clean and cool themselves, splashing as they go. Most people who feed birds regularly know the importance of a constant supply of fresh drinking water. If the dish is big … Read more

Bird Christmas Quiz 2021- Ornithology Quiz!

Everyone loves a good quiz, don’t they? Maybe it’s Christmas afternoon and you’re looking for something fun for all the family? Perhaps you’re on a Zoom call across the miles? You might even be one of my loyal readers who fancies taxing yourself, seeing just how many random bird facts you can remember. Whatever the … Read more

Where Have All The Birds Gone

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is where have the garden birds disappeared to, and why are they no longer emptying my feeders? It is never more prevalent than during mid-late summer. Balmy evenings finally have a pleasant temperature to sit out and enjoy the company of our feathered friends – and there … Read more

Where do Chaffinches Nest

I have recently returned from a break in a lovely cottage on farmland in North Yorkshire. The early morning sounds and the view from the bedroom window were spectacular, none more so than the tall hedgerow about 12-feet away from the window. Many bird species were darting in and out of the hedge, but the … Read more

Difference Between House Sparrow & Tree Sparrow

There are two species of sparrow native to Britain; the house and the tree sparrow. As their names suggest, the first is happy in urban settings near to humans, and the second prefers the peace of rural life. If you think that might be the only notable change, you’d be wrong. ‘What is the difference … Read more

Should You Clean Bird Boxes and When to do it

Nesting boxes are a source of new life and bring much joy to bird lovers. Given enough free time to watch, you could see the birds gathering material to line the box, the female staying in to incubate the eggs and the male tirelessly foraging for food to feed the hen and their chicks. Your … Read more

What do Birds Eat in Autumn

Garden birds seem permanently busy. No sooner than chicks have flown the nest, it is time to concentrate on preparing for winter. It is easy to feed the birds in the summer when we already spend much of our free time in the garden; you need to be dedicated to trudge out in the rain … Read more

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