Which Birds Eat Mealworms

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you will already be aware that I love to feed mealworms to some of my feathered friends. In particularly, Christopher, my returning robin who eats them from the palm of my hand. I leave little piles of the wriggly little grubs out near to the house, just enough … Read more

How To Attract Kingfishers To Your Garden

There are few birds with more striking plumage than the kingfisher. Their colourful feathers are easily identifiable, and so a visit from one would stick in your memory. I haven’t been lucky enough to have a kingfisher visitor, but I think I know why. They are widespread birds across Britain but most prevalent in central … Read more

Where Do Magpies Nest

Magpies are more recognisable garden visitors, easily identified by their bold black and white plumage with shining blue wingtips. I see them regularly, each time courteously doffing my imaginary cap and wishing them good morning. I am always fascinated to find out where any birds go when they’re not around my garden, particularly in the … Read more

Do Robins Migrate

The robin is so closely associated with Christmas and snowy settings that it is easy to think that they remain in Britain throughout the year and battle to survive harsh winters. For most robins, this is true; but not all of them. In ‘Do Robins Migrate’ we discover that not all of the birds are … Read more

How To Attract Jays To Your Garden

Jays are secretive, shy birds that spend most of their time in deciduous and conifer woodlands. They do visit gardens but often at sunrise, so most of us miss them. As the most colourful member of the crow family, with a pink body and flashes of black, white, and blue. Instead of just hearing their … Read more

Which Birds Fly in V Formation

Migratory birds have to cover several thousand miles on their hunt for food and warm climates. Many species, particularly passerines and other smaller birds, make their journey in large flocks, probably because there is safety and warmth in numbers. Other birds fly in formations of V and J shapes, sometimes inverted. It is a wonder … Read more

Where Do Bullfinches Nest

Bullfinches are beautiful little birds, but they are so shy and timid that you may never have seen one in your garden. The GB Garden BirdWatch results show that they only visit around 10% of gardens, preferring suburban or rural ones. If they’re not nesting in our gardens, where do bullfinches nest? Bullfinches are present … Read more

Where Do Goldfinches Nest

Goldfinches are instantly recognisable birds that live in loose colonies. Their gold plumage and bright red cheeks are an incredible sight, especially if you happen across them gathered in their preferred open woodland habitat. They are known to group in their hundreds, but usually, there are around 40 birds that roost together. Knowing this and … Read more

What Do Pigeons Eat

If you’re an avid bird feeder like me, then you must see lots of pigeons – they are the commonest of all garden birds with at least 2.5-million pairs in the UK. The wood pigeon originally lived in coastal regions and the countryside. In modern years, they have found their way into urban gardens; tempted … Read more

What Do Magpies Eat

I don’t mind the magpie; I quite enjoy spotting them when about and about. I am not so fond of them in my garden, especially during the breeding season. It is the time of year when they are at their hungriest and aware that there are unattended eggs and nestlings in the locality. I wondered … Read more

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