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You can help your garden visitors over the summer by leaving out your dining table leftovers as well as regular seed and feed plus a dish of water.The BTO and RSPB recommend all year feeding in the early morning and mid-afternoon if you can. But please remember it is best to feed off the ground on a table or protect your feeding area with a small wire fence of 2-3 ft in height as extra protection for young birds feeding.

We have been supplying good quality wildlife and birdcare products for the last 8 years and if you are as keen on helping your wildlife as we are then we are all in good company.

We are constantly searching for new innovative products and stock as the wildlife and wildbirdcare market increases year on year thanks in part to greater media attention from television and the tabloids.

For helpful advice please use our INFORMATION box to the left for snippets of information you may find helpful.

Delivery is subsidised at £6.99 per order within the UK

phone or text Simon our head of sales on 07930 691 759 (mobile)

We are sorry but we can not deliver outside the UK due to postal charges and import taxes so please do not order if outside the UK. Thankyou.

If you need advice on bats go to our advice page 'Bats- Information & Guidance' in the bottom left of this page in the information section

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'Thanks for the cage feeders I ordered, I recommend them for keeping the squirrels from taking all the food' - Mr. J. Freeman- Lincoln

'A large range of products which enabled me to buy exactly all I wanted' - Mrs. S Beaucamp- Dorset

'I searched the internet looking for quality, selection and the best price and you are the best' - Mr.. J. Newsmith- Devon

'Thankyou for the excellent bird feeder am happy to report it is being used daily'- Mr J. Fetherstonhaulgh, N. Wales.Mr. J Fetherstonhaulgh. N. Wales
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Squirrel Proof Extra Large Nut Feeder
Squirrel Proof Extra Large Nut Feeder
Price:   32.99 

Conqueror Seed Feeder (Large)
Conqueror Seed Feeder (Large)
Price:   49.99 

Conqueror Seed Feeder (Medium)
Conqueror Seed Feeder (Medium)
Price:   41.99 

Copper Triple Tube Seed Feeder
Copper Triple Tube Seed Feeder
Price:   67.00 

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