Are Kingfishers In Decline

I often wish that I lived closer to a river – or had a property grand enough to house a lake – then I would see more kingfishers. They are delightful small birds, instantly recognisable by their iridescent blue and orange plumage and long, strong beak. Although they’re one of the most admired birds to … Read more

Where Do Kingfishers Nest

Kingfishers are striking birds that choose to live near still or slow-flowing water where they can spend their days hunting for fish. If you think you should look upwards to spot their nest, think again. To discover where kingfishers build their nest, you should be searching down low. The common kingfisher inhabits almost all of … Read more

How To Attract Kingfishers To Your Garden

There are few birds with more striking plumage than the kingfisher. Their colourful feathers are easily identifiable, and so a visit from one would stick in your memory. I haven’t been lucky enough to have a kingfisher visitor, but I think I know why. They are widespread birds across Britain but most prevalent in central … Read more

What Do Kingfishers Eat?

There’s only one type of kingfisher in the UK, and it is a fantastic little bird with its beautiful, metallic blue and orange plumage – it’s a real treat to see one of these chappies as they swoop towards the water, that’s for sure… In the UK, you’ll find that the kingfisher likes to live … Read more

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