Difference Between House Sparrow & Tree Sparrow

There are two species of sparrow native to Britain; the house and the tree sparrow. As their names suggest, the first is happy in urban settings near to humans, and the second prefers the peace of rural life. If you think that might be the only notable change, you’d be wrong. ‘What is the difference … Read more

Do Sparrows Mate For Life

Sparrows have always built their homes anywhere that humans inhabit; that is why it is possible to watch them going about their daily life. I am always fascinated by birds partnering processes if they remain loyal to each other, and if so, do they recognise each other away from the nest? I wonder, do sparrows … Read more

Are Sparrows In Decline

I have read somewhere recently that the UK population of the house sparrow is at a worryingly low. My first port of call to check this out was the Great British Bird Watch results, the most recent being 2020. There at the top of the most frequent garden visitor list sat the sparrow; the position … Read more

Where Do Sparrows Nest

After very worrying statistics just a couple of decades ago, I was happy to find out that the sparrow population is at a 6-year high. I am used to seeing lots of them in my garden, but even my keen eye hasn’t been able to discover a nesting site nearby. It got me thinking; where … Read more

Are Sparrows Carnivores or Omnivores?

I was wondering if sparrows are carnivores or omnivores and so conducted a little experiment in my front garden. I was sure there was a sparrow’s nest in the large hebe growing against the house as I regularly see them dart for cover in there when I walk outside. I placed a selection of goodies … Read more

How To Attract Sparrows to Your Garden

People of a certain age might have fond memories of their garden teeming with sparrows and the air filled with their pretty chirruping. You might even remember the gregarious little fellows in a parent or grandparent’s garden. They used to be so plentiful. Their numbers have declined incredibly over recent years, if, like me, you … Read more

Do Sparrows Migrate?

The house sparrow that we see in our gardens, possibly more regularly than any other bird, is noisy and quarrelsome. He can be an aggressive character that will stand his ground amongst other bigger birds and fight his way to get to food, he can also be endearing and friendly. They are a notably scavenging … Read more

What do Sparrows Eat?

One of the most common garden birds in the UK is the house sparrow though their numbers have been in huge decline for a number of years. Even so, there are still around 5.3 million breeding pairs in Britain alone. This noisy and gregarious character is mostly non-migratory and so needs to have a plentiful … Read more

Are Sparrows good luck?

Different cultures perceive Sparrows differently. Some believe they are good luck, others bad luck. Here is a breakdown of what Sparrows symbolise to each culture: In Indonesia, sparrows are considered as Good Luck Charm. They believe that if a sparrow comes to your house, someone will marry in the family or have the opportunity to … Read more

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