Do Greenfinches Mate For Life?

Mating for life and monogamy are 2 things that are often confused yet shouldn’t be. Many songbirds are monogamous; they form a couple during the breeding season and remain true to each other until their young have flown the nest. Mating for life is a couple of birds that stay true to each other for … Read more

Do Greenfinches Migrate?

Greenfinches are one of the most easily recognisable of all the songbirds in the UK, their green and yellow plumage is a dead giveaway. This makes them all the more noticeable by their absence. As I don’t seem to have seen many greenfinches in my garden of late, I wondered if there was a problem … Read more

How to attract Greenfinches to your garden

There are a number of ways you can try to attract the Greenfinch to your garden, including putting out the right food, planting certain plants in your garden and ensuring nesting materials or nesting locations are available. Food Greenfinches eat a variety of seeds including sunflower heats, black sunflower seeds, rosehip seeds and peanuts. We … Read more

Are Greenfinches in Decline?

Unfortunately, Greenfinches are in rapid decline. Lots of work needs to be done to support Greenfinches as some scientists believe they may be heading for endangered status. The decline in population by 59% in the 10 years up to 2016 was caused by a disease called Trichomonosis. Trichomonosis Also known as canker, this disease made … Read more

What do Greenfinches Eat?

The greenfinch is one of my favourite garden birds. Not just because of its instantly recognisable colouring or its pretty chirruping, but mostly because he is such an easily pleased little fella. They are small birds, about the size of a house sparrow. Their numbers dramatically decreased in 2005 due to a nasty bout of … Read more

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