How To Attract Jays To Your Garden

Jays are secretive, shy birds that spend most of their time in deciduous and conifer woodlands. They do visit gardens but often at sunrise, so most of us miss them. As the most colourful member of the crow family, with a pink body and flashes of black, white, and blue. Instead of just hearing their … Read more

Do Jays Migrate

Jays are shy birds that are happiest when hidden deep inside the woodland. They will make urban parkland their home, but only if it has plenty of matures growth in which they can cover. Jays are so timid that you might be forgiven for thinking that you had never spotted one. Like me, have you … Read more

Where Do Jays Nest

I have a new-found fascination with the jay. It began when I found out that their passion for acorns is credited with the rapid spread and regrowth of oak trees after they were wiped out in the last Ice Age. Their hidden cache of food, stored for winter when acorns aren’t prevalent, is often forgotten, … Read more

What Do Jays Eat

Jays are the brightest coloured of the crow family. They are easily identified by their pink plumage, the flash of brilliant blue on their wings and their funny-looking moustache. They live in deciduous and coniferous woodland where they are more often heard before they are seen. Jays fly overhead, letting out loud screeches as they … Read more

Are Jays Endangered in the UK?

We’ve all heard of the jay, but have you ever seen one? You’d know if you did – they’re a noisy and colourful member of the bossy crow family. The jay is a cheeky chap with its considerable noise, and it’s actually quite attractive – it’s a blend of pink and brown on its body, … Read more

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