Where Do Goldfinches Nest

Goldfinches are instantly recognisable birds that live in loose colonies. Their gold plumage and bright red cheeks are an incredible sight, especially if you happen across them gathered in their preferred open woodland habitat. They are known to group in their hundreds, but usually, there are around 40 birds that roost together. Knowing this and … Read more

Do Goldfinches Mate For Life?

I am always interested to find out if my beloved garden birds practice the same ’til death us do part’ vows that humans do. I know there are only a few birds that remain with the same partner for their entire life span, which made me wonder, do goldfinches mate for life? Mating for life … Read more

Are Goldfinches In Decline?

It is quite easy to spot goldfinches at your feeding tables, the adults are anyhow, with their bright red faces and black caps. Such pretty small birds, slightly smaller than the robin, with their melodic, twittering song. I don’t seem to have many of the charming little fellas in my garden, which made me wonder, … Read more

Do Goldfinches Migrate?

I was lucky enough to have a goldfinch in my garden, and then he must have brought his friends along because I regularly had 5 or 6 guests, occasionally more. One of my feeding areas seemed to have become their hangout, the one with 2 feeders, sunflower hearts and nyger seeds. As time passed, they … Read more

How to attract Goldfinches to your Garden

Have you ever stopped and actually taken notice of the different types of birds that visit your garden or do you simply enjoy all varieties of songbirds and dutifully replenish the empty feeders when necessary? Starlings, blackbirds and sparrows are very common in our gardens, along with the bigger ‘bully boy’ birds, the wood pigeon, … Read more

What do Goldfinches Eat?

I am lucky enough to have a variety of garden birds that dine at my tables and feeders, I have even managed to attract chaffinches with some regularity, stunning little birds with a divine song. This made me think about the goldfinch, another member of the finch family. There seem so many similarities between the … Read more

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