Best Bird Feeders (UK) 2023

Choosing the perfect feeding setup will encourage the most popular and colourful garden birds to visit your home.

Look through our reviews of the best bird feeders available, that way you can make the most informed buying decision.

Best Bird Feeders

Natures Market Deluxe Steel Wild Bird Seed Feeder

These enclosed bird feeders are absolutely ideal to feed all of the wild birds that come into your garden with any type of seed.

Made of stainless steel and very strong plastic, they will last some time and will be easy to fill and easy to clean. They look like a traditional feeder with a modern twist.

There is a perch at either side with a feeding hole, just the right size to discourage the big, bully birds and leave the small garden birds to eat in peace. The sturdy hook is perfect to hang from a feeding station or any other hook or branch.

I love the great price and the fact that 2 of these feeders are supplied.


  • Great value, twin pack
  • Durable and robust parts
  • Suitable for all seed types, even tiny niger seed
  • 2 perches for feeding 2 birds simultaneously
  1. Attracts small birds, keeps the pigeons away


  • Perch is made from toughened plastic, possibly wouldn’t withstand a squirrel’s weight

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iBorn Bird Feeder – Copper – For Seeds & Peanuts

I love the finish of these feeders, they are powder coated ensuring they are weather and rust resistant, but more than that, the copper colour has a very classic look to it.

There are 2 supplied, all parts of which are made of strong metal, except for the transparent tube through which the seeds can be seen. This one is perfect for any seed and mealworms,  while the second one has a mesh tube to hold whole or chopped peanuts. You should be able to attract many varieties of small birds with this fare.

Although they’re listed at mini feeders, they are both 21cm tall so hold plenty of food.

The hook fits on all feeding stations, poles, and branches. The domed cover is a nice idea, rainwater simply runs off allowing the feed to remain dry. Damp and possibly mouldy food is really harmful to our feathered friends.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Look good year round, won’t fade or rust
  • Simple twist cap makes cleaning and refilling an easy task
  • 2 different types supplied, great for attracting a variety of birds
  • Plenty of perch space to feed several birds at the same time


  • Suet or fat balls don’t fit inside
  • Not as tall as others available

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Hanging Lantern Bird Seed & Nut Feeder

This really is an adorable lantern-shaped feeder, made from robust green plastic to blend with your garden. This plastic will give your feeder years of service life whilst being simple to wipe clean.

It really does offer a lot at a budget price. There is space for up to 8 small birds to feed at any one time, and the sloping design of the roof means the pigeons don’t get a look in! It also enables the rain to just run away.

There’s a sliding lid at the top to pour feed in, it is useful to use a jug or some kind of pouring spout. There is a deep trough around the bottom helping the majority of the seed to actually stay in the feeder and not spill all over the lawn.

Hang this feeder on a station or branch and see just how many small birds you can get to perch around it.


  • Durable, years of use
  • Suitable for seeds, nuts, or mealworms
  • Perch around the perimeter to feed several birds at once
  • Large birds can’t manoeuvre beneath it
  • Superb budget price


  • You may need to buy a larger hanging hook
  • Doesn’t undo to clean inside, you have to use the filling gap to fill with water and rinse

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Perky-Pet Gray Seed Duo Wild Bird Feeder

This quirky little feeder caught my eye as it looks so much fun and yet still looks charming. The little house is made of durable metal and has been powder coated to enable it to last without rusting for years to come.

I like the fact that it has 2 sections, one for finer seed and the other, the mesh side, is perfect for whole sunflower seeds and peanuts. It holds over 2lbs of seed!

Filling it is made easy, you just lift the roof off and pop the food in either compartment. That’s the best way to clean it out too, a good rinse under the tap followed by thoroughly drying.

Birds can eat from either side, well small ones can, larger birds struggle to get beneath the roof.

This is worth considering if you fancy a change from the norm!


  • Unusual and fun
  • Corrosion resistant and durable
  • Holds 2.7lbs of seed
  • Twin compartments to attract more varieties of bird
  • Simple to fill and to clean


  • It would be better with a perch on both sides

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Perky Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Wild Bird Feeder

What an elegant looking bird feeder I have found for you to consider, made from thick sapphire blue glass with vintage style metal hook, perch and tray.

It definitely is eye-catching; a gift I would be happy to give or to receive.

The glass is etched with a beautiful starburst design which catches the light perfectly.

Though this feeder isn’t all about good looks, it is also very practical.

The screw on lid covers a wide mouth, making both filling and cleaning simple jobs.

The tray that catches the seed at the bottom is scalloped and has tiny drainage holes in. No bird wants soggy seed! The perch wraps around the whole feeder allowing many birds to dine simultaneously. Birds can comfortably rest on top of the bottle as they form an orderly queue for the buffet.

I really love this feeder and Opus have a wide range of matching products too, water droplet and mason jars. The range is also available in Amethyst coloured glass.


  • Stunning design
  • Other styles available in the same range
  • Mess-free filling and cleaning
  • Suitable for all seed types, even the smallest grain
  • Decorative hanging hook supplied


  • Can get quite heavy when filled so needs a sturdy branch or hook
  • Larger birds can get access to the seed

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Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

If you have a squirrel problem in your garden then you might want to consider squirrel-proof bird feeders. They come in a variety of styles, caged ones that only allow small birds in, weight-sensitive ones that lock the food away when something heavier than expected lands. Some spin around and others have baffles, simple domes that prevent the squirrel’s large frame from getting beneath.

I am sure you will have seen videos of the clever little creatures negotiating assault courses and still coming away with the treat at the end!

We need to be savvy when it comes to where we place feeders, remembering that from a good launch pad they can jump up to 10 feet.

I have found some of the best available for you to take a read through, hopefully, the ideal one for you is included.

Petface LokTop Squirrel Proof Nut Feeder

If there is a squirrel in your garden not giving the small birds a chance with the peanuts, this could be the answer.

The feeding tube itself is sat inside a metal frame, the gaps of which are just wide enough to allow birds through, not squirrels! He can smell the food, he might even attempt to jump on the cage, but it is strong and secure enough to leave him frustrated in his quest.

Well-designed, it has a sloped base so rainwater doesn’t sit and a LokTop lid that even the Stephen Hawking of squirrels can’t negotiate.

You could invest in a full set of these as Petface also makes seed and suet ball feeders in the same style.


  • Truly does keep squirrels and large birds at bay
  • Coated metal cage for rust resistant longevity
  • Water can’t collect in the base
  • Hanging hook supplied


  • The base clips might be better made from metal. Truly persistent squirrels could nibble through the plastic.

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The Squirrel Buster – Squirrel Proof Feeder

Squirrel Buster! I love the sound of that, and so must have the 3.5 million people worldwide who have already bought one.

It is 100% squirrel resistant due to the special closing mechanism on the feeding ports. Should anything larger than expected land on a perch, the weight immediately triggers the door and it shuts. As long as it’s hung more than 18 inches away from the nearest landing pad, to prevent the clever thing bypassing the perch and just leaning across, it will work to maximum effect.

Specially designed perches have been added for the bird’s comfort and there is a seed ventilation system that keeps the food fresher for longer.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Available in various sizes for different seed types
  • 3.5 million already sold
  • Weighted mechanism provides 100% squirrel exclusion
  • Easy to fill and clean.
  • Chew proof


  • Base tray could have a deeper lip to prevent seed spillage
  • Must have 18” clearance

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Perky-Pet Sparkle Lantern Wild Bird Feeder  

If you want to steer away from the traditional tube-like bird feeders yet still have the need to keep squirrels out, this might suit you.

It is a gorgeous hanging lantern design that is available in red or blue and has 4 feeding ports. The perches are U-shaped which squirrels hate, they can’t grip or get their balance on there, yet they are the preference of many birds.

If your garden is bustling with birds, the fact that this has a 3lb seed capacity definitely will mean less work for you!

The Sure-Lok cap system keeps seed safe and dry and deters nosey claws and beaks.

This looks stylish and pretty and is also functional.


  • Built to last from strong powder-coated metal
  • Attractive looks
  • Large seed capacity
  • Can feed multiple birds simultaneously from 4 ports
  • U-shaped perches that squirrels really can handle


  • No tray underneath to catch any spillage

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Set of 3 x Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

One final return to the caged type of squirrel proofers. I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you as it is such good value for money. I say 1, I mean 3. There are 3 different feeders supplied. Colour-coded depending on which type of feed should be placed in them.

Yellow – seeds, including mixed varieties, sunflower hearts, and niger

Blue –    for suet and fat balls

Red –     peanuts, and nuts

They are made from powder-coated steel which gives them great strength and durability.

They also manage to look pretty and fun.

Each has a large handle to allow it to be hung in a multitude of places, together or dotted around your garden.

The flip-top lid makes refilling them simple, yet is robust enough to keep prying squirrels out.


  • Great value, 3 different feeders supplied
  • Robust metal cage to keep squirrels out
  • Will attract many breeds of birds as different feeds can be used
  • Colour-coded for ease of recognition and to look attractive
  • Flip top lid makes cleaning and filling a breeze


  • Only available in sets of 3

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Premium Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

If you not only have a squirrel issue but other large birds and pests such as pigeons, magpies, and rats, then this pest proof bird feeder could be the answer to all of your woes.

There are 2 spring-loaded perches that slide the shutter down should anything greater than the weight of a songbird land on it. Once they move, the spring releases and the shutter opens again.

It has a domed ‘baffle’ type roof, making it impossible for squirrels to land on top and sneakily reach down.

There is also a rain guard over the ports, maintaining the dryness and freshness of the seed, preventing it from clogging.

This has a large capacity, 1.5l. of your chosen seed or sunflower hearts can fill it.


  • Squirrel and pest-proof
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Large capacity
  • Nothing to be calibrated, operates via a simple spring system
  • Easily clicks apart to be refilled and washed


  • As with weight operated feeders, this needs to situated at least 18 inches from possible squirrel sites, to prevent him from leaning in.

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Best Window Bird Feeders

My Living World Window Mounted Bird Feeder

This window feeder has been designed with kids in mind though I can’t imagine any adult not being impressed by it. As it is circular it will almost look like a porthole so shouldn’t be too intrusive.

Simple to assemble and attach to the window, it features a 1-way mirror. This allows you to see the bird but he can’t see you, he will carry on merrily eating away as you and the children watch on in awe.

It features a deep bowl for seed or worms and a thoughtful little cover to protect the bird from the elements as he feasts.

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3 Compartment Window Bird Feeder

What could be better than relaxing in your armchair with a cup of tea and watching your favourite wild birds feeding just in front of your eyes?

This large window feeder makes that possible. It is made from clear acrylic and is completely see-through. So load it up with seeds and watch them flock.

The tray has 3 compartments, 1 either side for different seed types and the middle for drinking water, or all 3 for food if you have a separate water source. This tray lifts out to be washed and replenished.

The sloping roof keeps the bird and the seed protected from the wind and rain. Once the birds have discovered this, they should keep making return visits.

There are 3 heavy-duty suction cups, they really are strong and will take a great deal of force before they would come off.

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I have tried to take into account many different criteria when choosing the best bird feeders.

Budgets obviously differ from one person to another so I chose products in different price brackets.

My main criteria are always the bird’s needs. How to feed him the best possible diet whilst ensuring he is warm, safe and dry.

Us humans came a poor second! I did put some thought and consideration into our needs too, I plumped for feeders that were easy to hang and to fill. Those that are simple to wash and dry.

Not forgetting, everything I reviewed looks appealing! We spend far too much time in our gardens to hang any old thing in there. Some of these feeders are 100% functional yet to the untrained eye they look pretty ornaments.

The icing on the cake is when the garden becomes a hive of activity, full of garden birds chirping and trilling, just waiting their turn to get to your feeders.

And finally…

I have really enjoyed my time looking at various ways to feed our feathered friends.

What I have come to realise is that when you install a new feeder in your garden, patience is the key. Some garden birds are creatures of habit, and though their keen eyesight will notice a new feeder, it may take a while before they check it out. Plenty of fresh food will soon attract them and hopefully, they will make many return visits.

Also, it’s worth a mention to always have a supply of fresh water available at a feeding area. Not only for drinking but the birds may wish to clean their feathers and rid themselves of any parasites.

I hope that you will have a good look around the site and realise that the way to any garden bird’s heart is mostly via his stomach!

There are so many different delicacies that birds enjoy besides plain old birdseed.  You can buy or make your own suet blocks and fat balls or choose various types of seed to attract many different breeds to your garden.

Exactly how you feed the birds is where we can help. Not all birds prefer tube or mesh feeders; some prefer feeding from the ground whilst others choose to eat from a flat surface.

Have you ever tried putting niger seed into a netting feeder? It simply will not work; the seeds are far too tiny to stay put and scatter on the ground, where the pigeons will make quick work of them!

9 thoughts on “Best Bird Feeders (UK) 2023”

  1. Thanks so much for the advice. Please can you recommend a hanging bird feeder for wood pigeons – I have four in my garden that constantly battle with my current collection – I am using a hanging basket at present – which is ok, but it would be great to have some shelter for them too!

  2. Thank you so much Walter, we are a huge fan of your website! We are wondering if you would do a review of the best best water features for birds? We especially are interested in encouraging tits to the garden but also the bigger birds such as cranes and herons as we live in quite a rural area, there are quite a few that we have seen locally.. Do you have any tips?

    • Hi Katie, I already have an article on the best bird baths – viewable here

      With regard to the larger birds, perhaps a fair sized pond could attract them? But they do only tend to visit gardens where there is food. A member of my family lost all of their fish in a single day to one greedy Heron!

  3. Hi Walter, myself and husband are massive fans of your site. It is absolutely fabulous darling!

    We are having problems with wood pigeons landing on our bird feeder and eating most of the food. We adore pigeons but not as much as the smaller birds like sparrows and blue tits. Xx

    Can you recommend a bird feeder that is good for smaller birds but sensitively deters pigeons in a kind hearted way?

    • I would recommend perhaps setting up a tray of some food at a separate point in the garden, I have found this works well as the pigeons can easily access the food on the surface rather than trying to fight for it on a feeder.

      If this doesn’t work then perhaps a feeder with smaller feet so that the pigeon is unable to land on the feeder? If using a feeding station, it helps to remove the tray and move this away as I find it always attracts larger birds.

      Thank you for your comments!

  4. Thankyou for your interesting article..I wish to buy a bird feeder suitable for smaller wild birds that doesn’t allow the crows, magpies, pigeons etc to feed.
    Additionally, living in the countryside, next to a farm, rodents are a problem.
    A seed catcher to stop bird food falling to the ground would be esstential, but I’m having difficulty finding a product where the two units are sold together or even seperate items that fit together and are compatible …I wonder if you can recommend anything, please?
    Enjoying your posts, many thanks..

    • It is quite difficult to avoid larger birds coming to your feeders, one of the best things is to give them a tray of food at a separate location in another part of your garden.

      I use a dish with some bird food and find the Crows and Pigeons tend to be attracted to this rather than wait for crumbs to drop from a bird feeder.

      Rodents can be a problem and would recommend positioning feeders in a place where they cannot create homes in the ground or under/around objects. There are some good rodent deterrents too that produce an audible sound to a rat/mouse but will not scare off the birds, they can also be used for cats!

    • Squirrel Buster also a great bird feeder. Quality of design and build is second to none. Works exactly as advertised. Our of the box, with the default tension settings, it keeps my pesky red squirrels, blue jays, and grackles out. All the little finches love it.


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