Best Bird Watching Telescope 2022 UK

The more I watch the birds in my garden, the greater my fascination and interest grow. Whilst the internet is fine for finding out random facts about particular species, nothing compares to watching their activity and admiring their markings and plumage at close quarters. The best bird watching telescope is a fantastic addition to any … Read more

Best Bird Watching Monocular 2022

My garden isn’t huge, I mean it’s big enough but not what you’d exactly call sprawling. Sometimes it’s nice to get a close-up view of the birds at my feeders, without spooking them and frightening them away. I do own a good pair of binoculars but find for the distance I need to see, a … Read more

Best Bird Watching Binoculars 2022 UK

Watching the many varieties of songbirds merrily dining at my feeders truly is my happy place. Although my knowledge is relatively extensive about their feeding and nesting habits, there is always so much more to learn I don’t always recognise each species and need a closer inspection. That’s where my best bird watching binoculars come … Read more

Best Bird Watching Log Book

I am never happier than when watching the bird activity in my garden, so much so that I often lose hours and let meals go cold! Yet, even with such devotion, there are occasional visitors to my garden that I don’t recognise. That’s where the best bird watching logbook comes to my assistance. It contains … Read more

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