Best Nesting Box for Woodpeckers

The woodpecker is renowned for creating havoc and pinching other bird’s boxes. If they see a box that they want they think nothing of excavating a small hole to make it larger, to fit their hefty body through.  This is why you often see bird boxes with metal plates around the entrance holes, to deter … Read more

Do Woodpeckers Attack Other Birds?

There are 3 species of woodpecker native to the UK, the greater spotted, the lesser spotted and the green woodpecker. In recent years it is quite commonplace to see them in gardens as they continue their hunt for suitable nesting sites and tasty insects and grubs. If you have ever seen them vociferously pecking away … Read more

Do Woodpeckers Mate for Life?

The greater spotted woodpecker is the largest of the 3 species that are native to the UK. They are the most common and have the loudest knock, you know, the drumming sound we associate with the woodpecker. They are fascinating birds, possibly because of all the visitors to my garden, they’re the one I am … Read more

Are Woodpeckers in Decline or Endangered?

Many bird species are unfortunately in decline or becoming endangered. The good news is that trend has not continued with the great spotted woodpecker or green woodpecker which have actually enjoyed periods of rapid growth in recent years. The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker is unfortunately in rapid decline. Here is some more information and a break … Read more

What do Woodpeckers Eat?

If you’re lucky enough to hear the drumming sound of a woodpecker’s beak against a tree trunk, you might wonder what they’re up to. Whilst they use their amazingly strong bills to hollow out nesting spots to breed and raise a family, they are also on the lookout for food. Would you like to know … Read more

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