About Us

Thank you for visiting gardenbirdfeeder.co.uk

This blog was set up by Walter in 2019 as a way of sharing information about garden birds in the UK.

Recently, Walter has taken a step back from the running of the website and enlisted the help of his family to keep things going and growing!

We are a family with a very keen interest in nature and wildlife. I have personally lived in the countryside and grown up with nature since I was 6 years old and have a family with young children now who are being brought up in the same way.

Our feeders are always full, windowsills are adorned with binoculars at the ready and we are always on the lookout for birds in the nearby trees and woodlands.

We think learning about nature and birds should be both fun and informative. Sometimes technical bird knowledge overload can be a bit off putting!

This website will continue to expand regularly with new information all the time, the aim is to provide every bit of information you could possibly need or want about UK garden birds and more.

You can contact us by emailing admin (at) gardenbirdfeeder.co.uk – we would love to hear from you and if you want your bird pictures to appear on this website please send them! You will receive full credit.

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