Best Bird Feeders (UK) 2023

Choosing the perfect feeding setup will encourage the most popular and colourful garden birds to visit your home. Look through our reviews of the best bird feeders available, that way you can make the most informed buying decision. Best Bird Feeders Natures Market Deluxe Steel Wild Bird Seed Feeder These enclosed bird feeders are absolutely … Read more

Which Birds Eat Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a favourite go-to of mine to top up feeders. They’re small enough to fit in most holders and seem to attract a wide range of birds. Sometimes, when there is a feeding frenzy, it is difficult to see which birds eat what foods. I like to know which species favour certain types … Read more

What Food Do Birds Eat in Summer

It is a common misconception that birds only need supplementary food during winter when the weather and temperatures prevent them from foraging in the wild. Summer is an equally busy time; there are millions of babies to feed, parent birds need as much help as they can get. Nature’s store cupboards are often well-stocked in … Read more

Which Birds Eat Peanuts

Peanuts are a staple of any bird feeder’s arsenal; they’re cheap, easy to refill, and seem to attract many different bird species. Have you ever stopped to notice which birds eat peanuts and if the smaller songbirds manage to get a look-in? It’s easier to discuss which birds DON’T eat peanuts, as most of our … Read more

What Berries do Birds Eat?

As autumn rolls around, the many shrubs and bushes in my garden come alive with countless berries. Their attractive shades of oranges, yellows, reds, and black entice birds, humans, and insects and decorate my garden like fairy lights on a Christmas tree. Berries are a vital source of nutrition to garden birds, especially in the … Read more

What do Birds Eat in Autumn

Garden birds seem permanently busy. No sooner than chicks have flown the nest, it is time to concentrate on preparing for winter. It is easy to feed the birds in the summer when we already spend much of our free time in the garden; you need to be dedicated to trudge out in the rain … Read more

Which Birds Eat Mealworms

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you will already be aware that I love to feed mealworms to some of my feathered friends. In particularly, Christopher, my returning robin who eats them from the palm of my hand. I leave little piles of the wriggly little grubs out near to the house, just enough … Read more

What Do Pigeons Eat

If you’re an avid bird feeder like me, then you must see lots of pigeons – they are the commonest of all garden birds with at least 2.5-million pairs in the UK. The wood pigeon originally lived in coastal regions and the countryside. In modern years, they have found their way into urban gardens; tempted … Read more

What Do Magpies Eat

I don’t mind the magpie; I quite enjoy spotting them when about and about. I am not so fond of them in my garden, especially during the breeding season. It is the time of year when they are at their hungriest and aware that there are unattended eggs and nestlings in the locality. I wondered … Read more

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