Are Starlings Protected?

Diminishing numbers of starlings in recent years make them a less frequent garden visitor. If you do have starlings, they may cause annoyance with their bullying tactics to frighten away the other garden birds. This might lead you to wonder are starlings protected, and if there is any way they can be deterred from your … Read more

Do Starlings Steal Eggs?

Starlings don’t have the best reputation, they tend to be very vocal with bullying tendencies. I wondered if a bit of squawking and pushing and shoving was as far as it went or if starlings steal eggs or kill other birds? Birds eggs are a great source of nutrition and starlings are aware of this. … Read more

What do Starlings Eat?

The common starling, Sturnus Vulgaris, is one of the most predominant garden birds in the U.K. Easily recognisable by his white spotted breast and glossy plumage, not black as some would think but metallic purpley green. It’s not so simple to pick him out with your eyes closed though, the clever bird has his own … Read more

Do Starlings Mate for Life?

If you have ever been fortunate enough to see a starling murmuration then I’m sure that you found it breathtaking and mesmerising. Thousands of the same species of bird swooping in unison, swirling through the evening sky in huge swarms, so in time with each other that it almost looks choreographed. I have seen this … Read more

Do Starlings Migrate?

Most of us think of starlings as being resident birds and, it is true, that most are always with us. Yes, some Starlings DO migrate. Others are migratory though. These account for the huge increase in the starling population which occurs when birds, from northern Europe, arrive to spend the winter in the UK because … Read more

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