Why Blackbirds Hop Along the Ground

If you’ve ever watched a blackbird in your garden or local park, you may have noticed that they have a distinctive way of moving along the ground – by hopping. But have you ever wondered why blackbirds hop along the grass, rather than walking or running like other birds? Ground Foraging Blackbirds are part of … Read more

Do Blackbirds Mate for Life

I rarely look out of my window when there isn’t a blackbird hopping around the lawn looking for juicy earthworms. Most often, it is a solitary bird, but occasionally there are two. I wonder, do blackbirds mate for life, and are they a couple foraging for food for their babies?  Or are they just two … Read more

Difference Between Male & Female Blackbirds

In some bird species, very little separates the male and female; in others, the birds look like polar opposites. The differences between male and female blackbirds beggar belief – only one of them is a black bird! The male of the species is the most instantly recognised as a blackbird due to his glossy black … Read more

Where Do Blackbirds Nest

I’m really fond of blackbirds, probably because I see so many of them in my garden. They come very close to the house to nibble at the goodies I leave out; I get a great view of them. My neighbour has a row of conifers at the back of his properties and asked where blackbirds … Read more

What Do Blackbirds Eat

My garden seems to be a haven for the local blackbirds; I am often awoken to the sound of them leading the dawn chorus. When it comes to feeding time, they seem at their happiest pecking in the lawn, borders, and beds. They’re obviously hunting for worms; which made me wonder when there are no … Read more

Are Blackbirds in Decline Or Endangered?

I never struggle for topics to write about my beloved birds, but often the strangest things trigger an idea, this is no exception. Absentmindedly singing along to Sinatra’s rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird sent my train of thought to one of my larger garden visitors, and making me think are blackbirds in decline? I always … Read more

Do Blackbirds Migrate?

Most keen bird feeders will have regular garden visits from blackbirds throughout the spring and summer, and then notice that they disappear as the climate changes and the winter draws in. If you think this might be a sign that blackbirds migrate, read on, you might be surprised. Garden blackbirds are territorial and stay close … Read more

Do Blackbirds Return to the Same Garden?

My most regular garden visitor of late has been a blackbird, definitely male as he has the instantly recognisable yellow/orange beak. More recently he seems to have brought his mate along with him. Although I feel sure that this is the same pair visiting daily, I decided to do some research and find out if … Read more

How to get rid of Blackbirds (from your garden)

I need to set the scene, smallish garden, obviously well kept and tended with love. Voluptuous beds, hardy perennials that flourish, pretty borders so alive with colour and inviting to the bees. Pots on the patio, ransacked and surrounded by mud. Onions and garlic in the vegetable patch dug up and destroyed.  The bird feeding … Read more

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