Which Food is Harmful to Birds

Which food should birds not eat? Like me, so many people enjoy feeding the wild birds that visit our gardens. Pre-prepared seed mixes and suet balls are always a good idea, but isn’t it nice to give them the occasional treat from the kitchen? Not all human food is safe for our feathered friends, so … Read more

Are Bird Baths Good for Birds

I have two birdbaths in my garden; a small basic one and a larger pedestal-style model that is much more ornate. They both see lots of activity; my birds will bathe anywhere that has clean water. But, are birdbaths good for birds, or does cold water adversely affect their body temperature? Let’s take a closer … Read more

Which Birds have More than One Brood

Lots of our favourite garden birds have suffered a decline in population in recent years, often due to changes in farming methods, pesticides, and climate change. I know that some birds have more than one brood during each mating season to try and counteract the problem; you might be surprised to discover just how many … Read more

Which Birds are Corvids

Corvid is the collective term for the oscine passerines of the Corvidae genus – to you and me, members of the crow family. Oscine passerines are songbirds that perch to roost. Globally there are over 120 species of corvid, eight of which live in the British Isles. How to recognise a corvid bird Many of … Read more

Do Birds Talk to Each Other

I love listening to the birds in my garden almost as much as I enjoy watching and feeding them. My favourite sounds emanate from the course hedgerow early on a spring morning; it sounds alive and buzzing with bird conversation. I wonder, do birds talk to each other; are they communicating or simply showing off … Read more

Which Birds Eat Mealworms

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you will already be aware that I love to feed mealworms to some of my feathered friends. In particularly, Christopher, my returning robin who eats them from the palm of my hand. I leave little piles of the wriggly little grubs out near to the house, just enough … Read more

Which Birds Fly in V Formation

Migratory birds have to cover several thousand miles on their hunt for food and warm climates. Many species, particularly passerines and other smaller birds, make their journey in large flocks, probably because there is safety and warmth in numbers. Other birds fly in formations of V and J shapes, sometimes inverted. It is a wonder … Read more

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