Which Birds Fly in V Formation

Migratory birds have to cover several thousand miles on their hunt for food and warm climates. Many species, particularly passerines and other smaller birds, make their journey in large flocks, probably because there is safety and warmth in numbers. Other birds fly in formations of V and J shapes, sometimes inverted. It is a wonder … Read more

Why Do Birds Sing

There can be few better sounds than the melodic tunes of birdsong. Weeding my flower beds and sorting the shed are made much more pleasant tasks if I’m being serenaded by my garden bird friends. I’m not sure if birds sing ‘because they can’ or if there is an ulterior motive for their song. Why … Read more

Where Do Birds Go in Winter

Do your garden feeders seem to have less activity when the temperature drops and the nights draw in? Mine vary from day to day – sometimes I can’t keep the dishes topped up quick enough, while others I throw lots of uneaten treats away. I know that some birds migrate, but wondered are there any … Read more

Do Birds Sing at Night

My garden seems a fairly quiet place at night, at least from the birdsong point of view . Occasionally,  I hear the beautiful song of the robin coming from the front of the house, but few other sounds. I wondered if birds make noise at night or if they all find a safe place to … Read more

When Do Birds Fledge The Nest

You might be interested to know when birds fledge the nest if you have urgent hedge and tree pruning to undertake. Before attempting any such jobs, it is wise to check that all the occupants have left the nest, as it is an offence to remove or damage them. Fledging is the act of caring … Read more

Are Birds Dinosaurs

I recently overheard a conversation between my granddaughter and a friend discussing what they’d learned in school that day. They were posed the question, ‘are birds dinosaurs?’, and given time to research the answer. I was fairly surprised by their findings, so decided to dig a little deeper and share my own. In my mind, … Read more

Why Do Birds Murmurate

A collection of birds that gathers together to perform a synchronised aerial display is known as a murmuration. The most common birds to behave this way are starlings. The phenomenon occurs between October and March all over the UK. There are many theories as to why birds murmurate. Researchers collate sightings of murmurations to give … Read more

Which Birds Murmurate

If you have ever seen a murmuration of birds, you will remember it. It is such a wondrous sight that it will stay imprinted on your brain forever. What is a murmuration? A murmuration is a flock of birds that fly in a formation of ever-changing patterns; often tens of thousands at a time. Starlings … Read more

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