Do Pigeons Mate for Life?

For many years, pigeons have been performing many functional tasks for humans. They differ in colors and forms. Not only are they lovely creatures, but they also possess some great abilities. Domesticating Pigeons Since they adapt easily to any type of environment, they can certainly be maintained in areas with a dense population. They can … Read more

Why Don’t We See Baby Pigeons?

I have many pigeon visitors to my garden most days. I really don’t mind as I have strategically positioned the feeders so they can’t get at them; well, most of them anyway! I leave kitchen scraps in a shallow tray on top of the garage; they seem happy with that; providing they beat the magpies … Read more

What Do Pigeons Eat

If you’re an avid bird feeder like me, then you must see lots of pigeons – they are the commonest of all garden birds with at least 2.5-million pairs in the UK. The wood pigeon originally lived in coastal regions and the countryside. In modern years, they have found their way into urban gardens; tempted … Read more

Are Pigeons Intelligent?

I can’t help feeling sorry for the much-maligned pigeon. Many people think of them as being dirty creatures that carry disease. Others see them as bully birds that frighten the small songbirds away from their feeders. But, I see pigeons in a different light, and I hope you will too once you have read this. … Read more

Are Pigeons Dirty?

If you have ever been to a park or town with young children in tow, you will know they make a beeline for any group of pigeons. They usually delight in making noise and laughing as they flee, except for the tough one, there is always a Rambo that fears nothing and no-one! My initial … Read more

How To Stop Pigeons Eating Plants

Do you have a problem with pigeons eating your plants? You might not even know it and be blaming smaller birds, slugs, or snails. The pigeons are smart and make their move in the early hours, while most of us are still in bed. They have their particular favourites and leave hallmark signs if they’ve … Read more

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