Best Nesting Box for Wrens

Did you know that the male wren is an industrious little bird who thinks nothing of building several nests in the same vicinity, in the hope of attracting the mate of his dreams? He thinks that by offering her a wide choice of accommodation she is most likely to settle with him and raise a … Read more

Do Wrens Mate for Life?

I have a close bond with the wrens that visit my garden. I’m not sure if they realise it; I like to think that they do. But, do wrens mate for life or are my regular visitors a new pairing each time? Many birds remain monogamous during the breeding season but go their separate ways … Read more

Do Wrens Migrate?

Regular readers of mine will know that I have a particular fondness for the common little wren. Not only is this due to their appearance, with their tiny stature and rotund body, but it is also mostly in admiration of their industrious nature and willingness to protect their territory at all costs. Like most gardens, … Read more

Are Wrens in Decline?

The wren is one of the most common garden birds although you might be forgiven for not noticing them, you will have undoubtedly heard them. They have almighty lungs that enable them to burst out tuneful melodies, so loud that you would expect to come from a much larger bird. During the winter months, you … Read more

Where Do Wrens Build Their Nests?

The wren is a hard-working little bird that happily co-exists alongside humans even though they are very shy by nature. Instantly recognisable by their incredibly loud and tuneful song, pound-for-pound the wren is 10 times louder than a nightingale! When the song of the male becomes more prolific and noticeable it is a sign that … Read more

What do Wrens Eat?

If you have never seen wrens in your garden you will have probably heard them. They are one of the most common songbirds in the UK and spend their time in gardens and woodland the whole year-round. They are particularly shy birds yet enjoy singing at the top of their lungs from branches low amongst … Read more

How to Attract Wrens to your Garden

Wrens are common birds that are found in many places throughout the UK. They are competent nest builders, even if that is on the edge of a cliff, high in a mountain, in the eves of a barn, or on farmland. Parks and woodland are often rife with the small birds. They are chubby little … Read more

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