Best Nesting Box for Woodpeckers

The woodpecker is renowned for creating havoc and pinching other bird’s boxes. If they see a box that they want they think nothing of excavating a small hole to make it larger, to fit their hefty body through.  This is why you often see bird boxes with metal plates around the entrance holes, to deter … Read more

Best Nesting Box for Blue Tits

It is difficult to try and attract a particular bird to nest in your garden, but by choosing the ideal nesting box, you increase your chances of catching the attention of a particular species. Common garden birds look for different features when searching for somewhere safe to hatch and raise their brood. The best nesting … Read more

Best Nesting Box For Robins

Robins are fiercely territorial birds and will do battle to protect their boundaries. Their chosen space is only around the size of a small garden, so if you have a regular robin visitor, you can safely assume that he has chosen your garden to make his home. Their decision is based on the proximity of … Read more

Best Nesting Box for Wrens

Did you know that the male wren is an industrious little bird who thinks nothing of building several nests in the same vicinity, in the hope of attracting the mate of his dreams? He thinks that by offering her a wide choice of accommodation she is most likely to settle with him and raise a … Read more

Should You Clean Bird Boxes and When to do it

Nesting boxes are a source of new life and bring much joy to bird lovers. Given enough free time to watch, you could see the birds gathering material to line the box, the female staying in to incubate the eggs and the male tirelessly foraging for food to feed the hen and their chicks. Your … Read more

Which Birds Use Nesting Boxes?

So many species of garden birds fly overhead and many of them stop at our bird tables and feeding stations for a bite to eat before continuing their journey. Once you have mastered the art of encouraging them to visit, usually by enticing them with their favourite foods, wouldn’t it be nice to invite them … Read more

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