Do Robins Mate for Life?

Very few birds mate for their entire life, but many species remain monogamous to a particular bird for long periods.  I have a particular penchant for robins and always hoped that my ‘Christopher’ and his chosen lady friend were the same couple, year-round.  If like me, you question if robins mate for life, my findings … Read more

Best Nesting Box For Robins

Robins are fiercely territorial birds and will do battle to protect their boundaries. Their chosen space is only around the size of a small garden, so if you have a regular robin visitor, you can safely assume that he has chosen your garden to make his home. Their decision is based on the proximity of … Read more

Do Robins Migrate

The robin is so closely associated with Christmas and snowy settings that it is easy to think that they remain in Britain throughout the year and battle to survive harsh winters. For most robins, this is true; but not all of them. In ‘Do Robins Migrate’ we discover that not all of the birds are … Read more

When Robins Are Near Poem

Do Robins Appear When Loved Ones are Near? It’s amazing don’t you know?He visits in the place of a loved one,That sadly had to go.He comes to show they miss you,Just as you do them,And they too, long for that day,That you shall meet again.They’re by your side forever more,And that will remain so,So they … Read more

How To Attract Robins to your Garden

Spotting a robin redbreast brings a smile to most people’s face, especially those who believe that they bring good luck. Most of us could use all of the luck we can get, so, if you’re wondering how to attract robins to your garden, we should investigate further. The primary concern of wild birds is finding … Read more

Are Robins Good Luck

I’m not a hugely superstitious person, although, I certainly feel blessed and happier when a robin visits me. Many myths dating back thousands of years acknowledge that they are spiritual creatures and that robins are good luck. However, not all of the luck that they bring is said to be good. There are many beliefs … Read more

Are Robins in Decline or Endangered?

The robin is the National Bird of the UK. Okay, that may not be official, but everyone knows and loves the tuneful, Christmassy songbird. I am lucky enough to have a regular visit from a robin that will perch on my outstretched hand for the measly sum of a few mealworms. I know that they … Read more

Difference Between Male & Female Robins

Regular readers of my site might already be aware of my fondness for robins, well, one in particular, Christopher. He is a friendly little fellow that has grown tamer over time until he is comfortable perching on my head for a moment or two. My son asked a pertinent question the other day. Why do … Read more

Are Robins Territorial?

I have a regular garden visitor, Christopher, my robin. I am sure it’s the same bird as he is gradually becoming tamer, to the point where he will feed from the palm of my hand. Very, very occasionally he will bring a friend. I told my friend of my pair of robins and she said … Read more

Where do Robins Nest?

Robins are one of the most popular garden birds in the UK. This might be because of their easily recognisable redbreast, their beautiful song, or because they are just so friendly. They will happily watch you pottering around your garden hoping to pick up scraps that you leave behind. But have you ever wondered where … Read more

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