How to Attract Nuthatches To Your Garden

Nuthatches are one of the rarest visitors to my feeders, and I have never had the pleasure of hosting a breeding couple. Although they aren’t native to Ireland, and there are few in Scotland, they are common in England and Wales with around 220,000 breeding territories. If like me you’d love to know how to … Read more

Are Nuthatches in Decline

Whenever I spot a bird that I haven’t seen in a while, I always wonder if it’s because its population is decreasing. It happened the other day when a nuthatch sat among one of my clematis plants, singing merrily away. I know that numbers of many songbirds are suffering, are nuthatches in decline too? Nuthatches … Read more

Where do Nuthatches Nest?

Next time you’re in your garden, have a look in your trees, particularly if they are tall, to see if you have a nuthatch nesting in one of the trunks, as they’re rather partial to living and breeding in them… They’re great entertainment if you fancy whiling away a morning as you can watch them … Read more

What Do Nuthatches Eat?

I love hearing the cheeky nuthatch in the garden as it devours all the bird food it can get from my bird feeder. They are really fussy eaters, and so it’s a rare occasion for them to grace us with their presence – they aren’t rare birds at all, but they are renowned for their … Read more

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