Do Thrushes Migrate?

In Britain, we are lucky enough to have three resident members of the thrush family; the blackbird, mistle thrush, and the song thrush. Some species of garden bird choose to leave our shores in the autumn, in search of a warmer climate. Do thrushes migrate, I wondered, and if so, do all species behave in … Read more

Are Thrushes In Decline?

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that there are fewer thrushes visit our gardens than ever before. For me, it is a rare and exciting treat to spot some, particularly if they are helping themselves to the treats in the ground feeder or nesting in the hedgerows. I decided to look a little deeper … Read more

Do Thrushes Mate For Life?

I must be an old romantic at heart as I am always intrigued to know if the birds I watch stay together forever and remain monogamous. I know that swifts and swallows do, and would love to think that all species follow suit. This thought led me to investigate if thrushes mate for life. Sadly, … Read more

What Do Thrushes Eat?

Thrushes are easily recognised by their cream breast with little brown speckles. Their colouring might remind you of a wren, but they’re larger, they’re almost as big as a blackbird. They have healthy appetites, and if you’re lucky enough to spot a thrush in your garden, he will most probably be foraging for food. Knowing … Read more

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