The Magpie Song (And Its Origins)

I was out in the car earlier and spotted a magpie at the side of the road. I’m not usually superstitious, but felt obliged to doff my (non-existent) cap, wish him a good day, and ask about the welfare of his wife! I scoured the area for a second bird, after all, no one wants … Read more

Where Do Magpies Nest

Magpies are more recognisable garden visitors, easily identified by their bold black and white plumage with shining blue wingtips. I see them regularly, each time courteously doffing my imaginary cap and wishing them good morning. I am always fascinated to find out where any birds go when they’re not around my garden, particularly in the … Read more

What Do Magpies Eat

I don’t mind the magpie; I quite enjoy spotting them when about and about. I am not so fond of them in my garden, especially during the breeding season. It is the time of year when they are at their hungriest and aware that there are unattended eggs and nestlings in the locality. I wondered … Read more

Are Magpies Attracted to Shiny Things

Have you ever wondered if magpies are attracted to shiny things? If you were to take a peek in their nests, would they be adorned with stolen jewellery and metallic objects? My interest is piqued, are magpies thieving scoundrels or, is it just myth. The results of scientific testing show that magpies are no more … Read more

Do Magpies Eat Other Birds?

Magpies are magnificent birds to see. Their plumage is stunning, particularly when the light catches the iridescence of their tail. And yet, seeing a magpie on your lawn isn’t an enjoyable experience, especially if you have a family of songbirds nesting nearby. Are magpies misunderstood and have a bad reputation for a genuine reason; do … Read more

Do Magpies Mate for Life?

One for sorrow, two for joy… this makes me think that solitary magpies are lonely and only become happy when they’re in a pair. To some degree, this is true, magpies are thought to have earned their bad reputation in part due to their willingness to attack when they’re alone. This made me wonder do … Read more

Are Magpies Territorial?

There’s no denying that magpies have a bad reputation. With their scavenging and predatory nature, few people are happy to find them in their garden. If you have ever heard their noisy squawking or seemingly seen them chase off other birds or cats from your garden, you might be interested to know are magpies territorial … Read more

Are Magpies Lucky or Unlucky?

The magpie has a fairly bad reputation often due to it’s bullying nature and propensity to steal from other nests and human homes. This made me wonder how he became shrouded in so much superstition and whether magpies are unlucky. Folklore would have us believe that magpies have always been bad guys, with the Victorians … Read more

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