How to tame a Robin

Robin Red Breast, even his name sounds adorable. Erithacus Rubecula to give him his proper title, sounds grand and pompous, so unlike his seemingly friendly, mischievous character. My Robin is called Christopher, but then I imagine most are. Who hasn’t seen a robin on their garden fence and stopped for a moment to watch and … Read more

Are Sparrows good luck?

Different cultures perceive Sparrows differently. Some believe they are good luck, others bad luck. Here is a breakdown of what Sparrows symbolise to each culture: In Indonesia, sparrows are considered as Good Luck Charm. They believe that if a sparrow comes to your house, someone will marry in the family or have the opportunity to … Read more

Do Starlings Migrate?

Most of us think of starlings as being resident birds and, it is true, that most are always with us. Yes, some Starlings DO migrate. Others are migratory though. These account for the huge increase in the starling population which occurs when birds, from northern Europe, arrive to spend the winter in the UK because … Read more

How to get rid of Blackbirds (from your garden)

I need to set the scene, smallish garden, obviously well kept and tended with love. Voluptuous beds, hardy perennials that flourish, pretty borders so alive with colour and inviting to the bees. Pots on the patio, ransacked and surrounded by mud. Onions and garlic in the vegetable patch dug up and destroyed.  The bird feeding … Read more

What kind of food do Robins Eat?

The Robin (Erithacus rubecula), is probably the best known and best loved of all of the birds who frequent our hedgerows and gardens. This small, little bird loves to sing and is most easily identified by his bright orange or red breast. Although they can be fiercely territorial, Robins are extremely friendly. They can even … Read more

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