Which Birds Visit the UK During Summer

The summer months in the United Kingdom bring with them a vibrant display of bird species that migrate from different parts of the world. These winged travelers make remarkable journeys, some spanning thousands of miles, to enjoy the favorable climate and abundant food resources offered by the UK’s diverse habitats. In this article, we will … Read more

Which Birds Return To The Same Nest Site Each Year

Many bird species exhibit remarkable behaviors, including returning to the same nest site each year. This phenomenon, known as site fidelity, is especially common among species that mate for life. In the UK, several bird species demonstrate site fidelity, and in this article, we will explore some of these feathered friends. Robin The first species … Read more

Why Blackbirds Hop Along the Ground

If you’ve ever watched a blackbird in your garden or local park, you may have noticed that they have a distinctive way of moving along the ground – by hopping. But have you ever wondered why blackbirds hop along the grass, rather than walking or running like other birds? Ground Foraging Blackbirds are part of … Read more

Do Robins Mate for Life?

Very few birds mate for their entire life, but many species remain monogamous to a particular bird for long periods.  I have a particular penchant for robins and always hoped that my ‘Christopher’ and his chosen lady friend were the same couple, year-round.  If like me, you question if robins mate for life, my findings … Read more

Are Barn Owls Endangered in the UK

Barn Owls are one of the most iconic bird species in the UK. With their striking heart-shaped faces and white under feathers, they are easily recognisable and have been the subject of many artistic representations throughout the years. However, the Barn Owl population in the UK has been in decline, raising concerns about the species’ … Read more

Which Birds Are Extinct in the UK

Whenever I think of extinct birds, the dodo is my first port of call. The duck-like bird with the huge curved beak hasn’t been around since the end of the 17th century, yet here I am, conjuring up images of the odd-looking creature. It’s not as if the dodo ever made it to our shores; … Read more

Which Birds are Territorial

I am sure my garden is at the heart of a robin’s territory as my little red-breasted friend seems to spend so much time here. He is a feisty chap; I have seen him shoo a blackbird four times his size away from the ground feeder! I wonder if all bird species do this or … Read more

The Magpie Song (And Its Origins)

I was out in the car earlier and spotted a magpie at the side of the road. I’m not usually superstitious, but felt obliged to doff my (non-existent) cap, wish him a good day, and ask about the welfare of his wife! I scoured the area for a second bird, after all, no one wants … Read more

Best Bird Watching Binoculars 2023 UK

Watching the many varieties of songbirds merrily dining at my feeders truly is my happy place. Although my knowledge is relatively extensive about their feeding and nesting habits, there is always so much more to learn I don’t always recognise each species and need a closer inspection. That’s where my best bird watching binoculars come … Read more

Best Bird Baths 2023 UK (Including Buying Guide)

Have you ever watched a garden bird take a bath? I have and it is a delightful sight, watching them puff up their feathers to clean and cool themselves, splashing as they go. Most people who feed birds regularly know the importance of a constant supply of fresh drinking water. If the dish is big … Read more

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