Are Robins Good Luck

I’m not a hugely superstitious person, although, I certainly feel blessed and happier when a robin visits me.

Many myths dating back thousands of years acknowledge that they are spiritual creatures and that robins are good luck.

However, not all of the luck that they bring is said to be good. There are many beliefs that robins might also be the bearers of bad tidings.

The robin is a popular character, featuring in many tales of happiness and joy. The Christian faith believes that a robin was a close friend of Jesus that waited outside his tomb before joining a choir of angels to serenade his ascent to Heaven.

Gipsies believe that robins bring good luck while many people think that the red-breasted bird attempt close contact with people who are already lucky; they just don’t yet know it.

Seeing a robin is said to be good luck, making a wish on that robin can increase your fortune infinitely, as folklore believes that a wish on a robin comes true.

The robin is a prominent feature in British and French folklore, seen as a reminder of Christmas and good times. It symbolizes new beginnings, lots of opportunities, and untold happiness.

Beliefs and superstitions surrounding the robin

Flying in with luck

Leaving your windows open in November is advisable, especially if there is someone in the house feeling ill. It is said that the robin carries good luck in on its wings and heals the sick.

Remember to close the windows as November draws to an end; find out shortly what fate befalls you at all other times of the year.

Egg Shell

Robin’s eggs are a double-edged sword. Harming or stealing their eggs results in a lifetime of bad luck.

Conversely, should you find a previously broken shell, popping a small piece in your pocket is considered good luck.

Norse beliefs

The robin was sacred to Thor, anyone who hurt the bird or its nest feared that God would strike them dead with a bolt of lightning.

Are robins associated with bad luck?

The red-breasted songbird is so closely connected to rebirth and celebration that it is hard to believe they could bring anything other than good luck.

A robin flying over a working coal pit in Wales sent shivers down the spines of the miner’s loved ones. It was a bad omen; there was a disaster imminent.

Anyone that purposely injures or kills a robin will suffer so much misfortune that they wish they were dead. Many people in swathes of Europe believe this to be true.

You might think that a robin tapping on the window is a good thing. However,  many people believe that it is a sign that death is not too far behind.

And never try to trap and cage a robin. All of Heaven will be enraged with you and smother you in bad luck until you free bird.

Remember when I said that a robin flying in through an open window bodes well for ill people, as long as it is in November? Lock the windows for the rest of the year, because if the same happens then, death follows.

Final thoughts

In Roman times, the humble robin, all 14-inches of him, was deemed a gift from the gods.

In European mythology, they are a symbol of divine sacrifice. It seems that all faiths and all countries have a deep respect and admiration for the robin, feeling they deserve protection at all costs.

I want to believe that robins are good luck, a little superstition never hurt anyone. After all, it has been widely thought for thousands of years, that robins ease any worries; good times are ahead!

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  1. On Sunday the 9th of April I was in my local church waiting for the service to start and more people to arrive when all of a sudden I saw a little Robin Red Breast sitting on the end of the hand rail that was part of the pullpit I said Hello Little Robin and it looked straght at me we both looked at each other then it flue around by the Alter for a bit be for it whent back out the same side door it had come in I truly felt blessed to have seen it as I was the only one in the church at the time I wounder what the other parishaners would have said if they had seen it. I wish I had taken its picture.

  2. I wonder if anyone could tell me what the meaning might be or the significance of finding a little robin in my house here in France, then my little dog caught it, I rescued it from his mouth still alive but it died seconds later whilst in my home. I am superstitious so would like some help with this! Thanks to anyone who might be reading this.

  3. Looked out my window this morning and saw about 8 robins in my yard, perched in my trees, walking the yard, and bathing in the rain pools. I’ve never seen robins in my area before. What a happy surprise!


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