Best Nesting Box for Woodpeckers

The woodpecker is renowned for creating havoc and pinching other bird’s boxes. If they see a box that they want they think nothing of excavating a small hole to make it larger, to fit their hefty body through.  This is why you often see bird boxes with metal plates around the entrance holes, to deter the ingenious woodpeckers. If we were to hang more designated woodpecker boxes, they might just leave the songbirds and their young in peace.

The best nesting boxes for woodpeckers have a much larger, circular entrance hole and a larger interior space than regular bird boxes. They should be securely attached to tree trunks at least 6 feet above the ground, but much higher if it is safe to do so.

I have found my 3 favourite bird boxes for woodpeckers, one that will hopefully suit your budget.

Wild Animal Heart Nesting Box for Woodpeckers 

This birdhouse for woodpeckers couldn’t be any better designed. The entrance hole is the recommended 45mm wide, and the drop from the door to the base is a healthy 17cm. This not only protects eggs and chicks from predators, but it also keeps the occupants safe from driving rain and direct sunlight.

Best feature

It is made from 100% sustainable spit fir. It is naturally weatherproof and is strong and durable. You won’t have to take it down and move it inside, even in the harshest winter, it will survive and remain intact. The brass screws are guaranteed to hold it together and never rust.

It is well made, it feels solid and substantial. I love the flip-up design of the entire front wall. It is secure for the birds whilst rendering it very easy to clean inside the box when the woodpeckers have flown.

There are a series of ventilation holes in the bottom of the box, just large enough to increase the airflow inside and to prevent the build-up of harmful condensation.

The large base can accommodate a pair of woodpeckers and their brood, it is slightly bigger than the conservationists recommended sizing.

Make sure there is someone to steady your ladder and screw it to the trunk of a tree, around 8 feet is great, higher than 10 is ideal. The higher up the tree it goes, the greater the possibility that it will be woodpeckers that move in, fat-bellied starlings might otherwise make their move.

There is a wooden strip securely fixed to the back with a pre-drilled hole, you will need to provide a single long screw to install it to the tree.

Nest to Nest Bird Box

This attractive bird box is handcrafted in Lithuania by a team of wood crafters that care deeply about wildlife and their habitats. So much so that they have worked with a team of ornithologists to come up with stunning designs that replicate the bird’s natural nesting patterns.

This nesting box for woodpeckers is no exception. It has a large 5cm entrance hole to make it comfortable for greater and lesser spotted woodpeckers to come and go as they please. The large interior space is ideal for a family of birds and the nesting area is deep enough within the box to prevent birds of prey, cats, or other predators reaching in and stealing eggs.

Best feature

The box is crafted from solid oak, resulting in a high-quality piece that is naturally weatherproof and strong enough to last for many, many years.

The roof is a piece of solid oak bark that gives the box a realistic and classic look. I am sure that it will make a striking addition to any garden whilst blending in perfectly with its surroundings.

A stainless steel screw is provided to secure it to a tree, but if you prefer to hang it to attract other large birds such as starlings or wagtails, it can be hung from a branch. There is a length of attractive, biodegradable rope inside the box should you prefer to suspend it.

If you choose to clean it out between breeding seasons, the roof can be screwed off to open up the box. The screw is right along the small ventilation hole that encourages plenty of fresh air to maintain the good health of the chicks.

I love this natural-looking woodpecker nesting box; it can help the birds to overcome their housing challenges whilst enhancing your garden.

Birch Log Nest Box for Birds

So, now you’re thinking I’ve lost the plot, reviewing bird boxes for large woodpeckers and choosing a product with just a 32mm entrance hole. Well, there’s a method in my madness!

This beautiful nesting box is made from 100% sustainable silver birch. It’s a natural piece of wood that is smoothly hollowed out to provide a safe home for the birds. It really would complement any garden when hung from a tree.

Best feature

Use the backplate to install the nesting box up high in your chosen tree, between 3 and 5m should do it. Make sure that it’s on a clear flight path and away from disturbances. The woodpecker will find the box and do as they do in the wild, begin to excavate the hole, just until it is big enough to fit inside. If you’re lucky, you might get to hear the famed rat-a-tat-tat or even see them hard at work.

I love the rustic style of this nesting box for woodpeckers, particularly the little roof with a ledge large enough to keep out the worst weather conditions.

The company apologise and say that your box might not look exactly like the picture. It couldn’t possibly, as no two branches are the same. I quite like the idea that each box is unique and offers woodpeckers the chance to raise their family in the safety of my garden.


Once you have chosen the best nesting box for woodpeckers, secure it to a tree, preferably around the autumn when the birds begin their hunt for a home.

Remember to check the box once the birds have flown, late in spring. Woodpeckers are heavy, and what with poor weather conditions, and natural tree growth, the box may dislodge over time.

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