Best Nesting Box for Wrens

Did you know that the male wren is an industrious little bird who thinks nothing of building several nests in the same vicinity, in the hope of attracting the mate of his dreams?

He thinks that by offering her a wide choice of accommodation she is most likely to settle with him and raise a family.

If you are trying to attract the chubby little fellows to your garden then the best bird boxes for wrens should be of similar size to their natural habitat, and possibly hung in groups to closely replicate their nesting style in the wild.

I have chosen 3 bird nesting boxes for wrens, my favourites of all of those available, that give you the strongest chance of seeing a wren family take up residence.

Fallen Fruits Bird House in Brown

I love the design of this birdhouse and with a small entrance hole, I am sure the wrens will too.

The main body of the acorn is made from pine. It is a strong and durable wood that is very resistant to decay. The top of the acorn provides the perfect cover for the house, the overhang ensures rains runs away naturally and won’t bother the birds. It also offers plenty of shade from sunlight. The top is made from toughened plastic so just like the body, it will last for a very long time.

My favourite feature is…

Once the birds have flown and it is time to clean the box, ready for the next season, all that you will need is an Allen key. Unscrew the bolt at the top and the entire lid lifts off providing plenty of clearance for cleaning.

There is a brass bracket on the rear of the box to make attaching it to a tree or shrub a simple task. That will also last for as long as the box.

The entrance hole is an ideal size for wrens, and the large drop from the hole to the base of the box keeps the birds and their young safe from predators.

The apex of the roof lets rain runoff, keeping the birds dry, and provides enough shade to stop direct sunlight getting in.

Birdboxview Colour CCTV Camera Nest Box

This is a nicely made bird box that comes with RSPB approval. It is tall and has a small entrance hole of a little more than an inch, making it inviting to wrens if the blue tits don’t get there first.

It is made from robust cedar wood, which is one of the best woods for outdoor crafting due to it’s natural resistance to rotting. The steep slope of the roof is the ideal way to keep the occupants protected from the rain. The base of the box has ventilation slots to increase the airflow and to prevent the build-up of condensation.

My favourite feature is…

The box comes with a tiny CCTV camera that sits in the peak of the box and sends colour images direct to your television. It is simple to install, the step-by-step instruction sheet and colour-coded wires ensure this. You choose the length of cable you need, depending on the distance of your bird box to your TV, 10, 20, and 30m options are available.

The camera is marginally bigger than an inch so doesn’t distract the birds at all. It beams colour images, although expect the colours to be dull and muted, the camera is in an enclosed box after all. The opaque window at the side allows more light in to assist the high-quality pictures. It even has an inbuilt Infra-Red light that automatically switches on when it becomes dark enabling 24/7 pictures on your TV.

There is also a microphone attached to pick up the delightful sounds of the chicks hatching and squawking for food.

The box is easy to fit as it comes with pre-drilled holes. Cleaning it out at the end of the breeding season is easy too, just remove the roof. This is also the same method you need to use to change the angle or focus of the camera.

This is a wonderful and inexpensive bird box that allows you to see the entrance hole and the nest of any bird that comes to visit. Grab a coffee and settle on the sofa whilst you watch in awe at nature at it’s finest.

Woodlink Cedar Traditional Wren House

When looking to buy the best bird box for a wren it’s a good idea to closely mimic the type of nest that they build for themselves in the wild.

That’s what this box from Woodlink does, it is closely designed to the wren’s natural habitat, almost globe-shaped.

The wren likes a wide nest with a narrow base, with plenty of interior space to line and fill with their brood. The 1” entrance hole in this box is perfect to keep predators at bay, even the small sparrow can’t fit in, which they are notorious for doing, stealing the ready-made nests of other birds.

It is made from sustainable red-cedar wood, durable and long-lasting wood with natural anti-rot properties. It has been kiln-dried, is substantial and sturdy and will undoubtedly last for many years to come.

All of the parts are securely screwed together, even the base. The 2 screws that secure that can be easily undone to allow you to clean the interior once the wrens have flown.

My favourite feature is…

The sturdy hanging cable. Not everyone is proficient with a drill and, thankfully, won’t need to be with this box. It is safe to hang from a sturdy branch in a tree or shrub.

This is the ideal box to encourage wrens to your garden and make their home.

What do Wrens Line Their Nests With

Wrens are creatures of comfort, and once their nests are built or they have chosen a nesting box, they will line them with feathers. If they take up residence in your nesting box, expect them to be there for the season; once their young have fledged the parent birds will go their separate ways and hunt for a new mate next year.

Final thoughts…

Garden birds prefer a nesting box that closely resembles nests that they make in the wild, so, for the most part, avoid painted boxes and look for natural wood boxes.

Mount the best nesting box for wrens at a height of between 5-10ft. in a tree or shrub, just not too hidden from view. Consider mounting more boxes around the vicinity to multiply the chance of wrens finding them and making one their home.

Then relax and enjoy their pretty song as they scour your garden for worms and berries.

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