How To Stop Bird Seed From Germinating

Feeding visiting garden birds is a rewarding and fun activity, but, it might create more work if you don’t plan ahead. I’ve prepared a guide on how to stop birdseed from germinating beneath feeders. If you think smart and plan, it is possible to avoid any additional weeding. The positioning of hanging bird feeders, the … Read more

What do Wrens Eat?

If you have never seen wrens in your garden you will have probably heard them. They are one of the most common songbirds in the UK and spend their time in gardens and woodland the whole year-round. They are particularly shy birds yet enjoy singing at the top of their lungs from branches low amongst … Read more

What Do Siskins Eat?

The siskin, which is a small member of the finch family, has found a new love – peanuts! It wasn’t that long ago when it was a rare sight for us mortals to have a siskin feeding in our gardens. But in recent years, it appears that these little birds are happy to venture more … Read more

What Do Nuthatches Eat?

I love hearing the cheeky nuthatch in the garden as it devours all the bird food it can get from my bird feeder. They are really fussy eaters, and so it’s a rare occasion for them to grace us with their presence – they aren’t rare birds at all, but they are renowned for their … Read more

What Do Kingfishers Eat?

There’s only one type of kingfisher in the UK, and it is a fantastic little bird with its beautiful, metallic blue and orange plumage – it’s a real treat to see one of these chappies as they swoop towards the water, that’s for sure… In the UK, you’ll find that the kingfisher likes to live … Read more

What do Dunnocks Eat?

The dunnock is a small brown bird and is occasionally referred to as the ‘hedge sparrow’ because of where it likes to forage, although it is more commonly known as the dunnock. And the dunnock tends to enjoy being on the ground rather than in the air and particularly likes hanging around hedges and bushes … Read more

What do Bramblings Eat?

If the Great British weather is confusing you, just think what it must be doing for the bramblings who like a clear distinction in the weather to suit their simple palette of nuts and seeds in the winter and insects in the summer! The dish of the day is usually what prompts them to fly … Read more

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