Do Starlings Steal Eggs?

Starlings don’t have the best reputation, they tend to be very vocal with bullying tendencies.

I wondered if a bit of squawking and pushing and shoving was as far as it went or if starlings steal eggs or kill other birds?

Birds eggs are a great source of nutrition and starlings are aware of this. Although they rarely steal them, they sometimes eat them in the nest that they find them.

If the starling sees a nest that they want they bully parent birds, holding on to them with claws and pecking at them. Once they’re in the nest they dump out any eggs and nestlings, killing them.

Do starlings steal eggs?

They are fond of sparrow’s nests, probably as sparrows are a smaller bird and easier to bully. Eggs are a treat and the starling uses its strong, pincer-like beak to crack a hole in the shell and suck out the contents.

They don’t steal the eggs or take them anywhere, either they eat them in the nest or they dump them over the top of the nest as they make it their own. Sadly, the same fate befalls any hatchlings, they are unceremoniously thrown from the nest and don’t survive the fall.

Do starlings kill other birds?

Starlings are noisy, feisty birds that protect their territoryfiercely. However, this isn’t the reason that they attack or kill other birds, it is because they want their nests. Starlings evict birds from their nests whatever the consequences.

If a starling wants a site, they usually get it. It isn’t unheard of for them to build a new nest atop an existing one, regardless of whether there are eggs or hatchlings inside.

The babies obviously won’t survive this and their parents will abandon them, knowing any fightback will probably be fruitless.

Starlings will often attack cavity-nesting birds as they’re lining their nests. They’re not afraid to launch a group attack, often 2 or 3 starlings with fight claw and beak, either to the death or until the opponent concedes and gives up their nest.


Starlings are aggressive birds that are used to getting their own way.

When they don’t, they fight, often resulting in the death of the other bird.

Although starlings occasionally eat eggs, they don’t steal eggs but they do kill other birds.

They are funny birds to watch at times, but they definitely have a mean streak!

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