What do Dunnocks Eat?

The dunnock is a small brown bird and is occasionally referred to as the ‘hedge sparrow’ because of where it likes to forage, although it is more commonly known as the dunnock. And the dunnock tends to enjoy being on the ground rather than in the air and particularly likes hanging around hedges and bushes … Read more

What do Bramblings Eat?

If the Great British weather is confusing you, just think what it must be doing for the bramblings who like a clear distinction in the weather to suit their simple palette of nuts and seeds in the winter and insects in the summer! The dish of the day is usually what prompts them to fly … Read more

Do Birds Eat Grapes?

Knowing what to feed your garden visitors is a sure-fire way of attracting all of your favourite birds. With such a wide variety of kitchen scraps to feed them, it is handy to know which healthy treats we should share with the birds. If your house is anything like ours, there are always a few … Read more

What do Greenfinches Eat?

The greenfinch is one of my favourite garden birds. Not just because of its instantly recognisable colouring or its pretty chirruping, but mostly because he is such an easily pleased little fella. They are small birds, about the size of a house sparrow. Their numbers dramatically decreased in 2005 due to a nasty bout of … Read more

What do Woodpeckers Eat?

If you’re lucky enough to hear the drumming sound of a woodpecker’s beak against a tree trunk, you might wonder what they’re up to. Whilst they use their amazingly strong bills to hollow out nesting spots to breed and raise a family, they are also on the lookout for food. Would you like to know … Read more

What do Great Tits Eat?

Do you think you might have spotted great tits at your feeders? The cousin of the instantly recognisable blue tit is similarly marked at first glance but upon closer investigation, you will note that he has a distinctive black cap and his plumage is less blue, more green. They were once predominantly woodland birds but … Read more

What to feed birds from the kitchen

I have often been shopping at market stalls and been impressed by the varied types of birdfeed that are available, from different seeds to suet balls and blocks, ready filled feeders, mealworms and coconut halves. Like the proverbial kid in a sweetshop, my eyes light up and within no time at all my basket fills … Read more

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