When Robins Are Near Poem

Do Robins Appear When Loved Ones are Near?

It’s amazing don’t you know?
He visits in the place of a loved one,
That sadly had to go.
He comes to show they miss you,
Just as you do them,
And they too, long for that day,
That you shall meet again.
They’re by your side forever more,
And that will remain so,
So they send a little robin,
As a way to let you know
A Visit from a Robin – Author unknown

Whatever your stance, superstition, coincidence, or belief, you surely can’t help but be touched by the beautiful sentiment of this poem?

Throughout my life I have heard slight variations, “robins appear when angels are near”, or  “robins appear when (lost) loved ones are near”.

No matter how the verse is worded, it always gives me comfort. I decided to look into the history of the poem and to find out its origins.

Robins and new beginnings

Males robins love to show off their beautiful singing voice, they are often one of the first birds we hear as winter turns to spring. It is thought that this is part of their connection with new beginnings and rebirth.

So, regardless of how bad the winter was, the robin redbreast made it through to welcome in brighter days.

Many people think that seeing an early robin is a sign of renewed hope. Others see it as confirmation of their faith in God and His reciprocated faith in them.

Robins are messengers from Heaven.

The Bible says that birds are God’s most blessed creatures. Many cultures believe that robins are the chosen bird to provide a link between Heaven and earth.

They are often connected to death and the afterlife; many choose to believe that robins carefully carry the spirit of loved ones no longer with us.

If you receive constant visits from a robin, people believe that a loved one needs to contact you to appease any worries. It shouldn’t be a frightening thought, the bird is simply saying hello, I am here with you, from someone dearly missed.

Lots of people believe that robins bring luck to those they stay close to. It is very comforting knowing that this cute little creature carries so much good fortune and well-meaning thoughts with it.

Robins and angels

Robins aren’t the only message bringers;

A feather, a robin, a butterfly too,

They’re all signs your angels are standing next to you.

Birds coming closer to you than they usually would is believed to be a sign that there are angels nearby, watching over you.

This is true of doves, cardinals, hummingbirds, and, our friend, the robin.

White feathers on the ground are often associated with angels, the ancient Romans thought they had slipped from their wings.

Brown feathers also signify caring and respect; they can still be attached to the bird, not necessarily on the floor.

Final thoughts

Robins have great symbolic significance and have done for centuries. If you choose not to believe that they bear the spirits of loved ones, hopefully, their presence will make you stop, and smile for a moment.

By just being there, robins can make your day feel better and lighten the load.

So, remember when robins are near, the thoughts of lost loved ones, new beginnings, or renewed hope surround you.

And if you aren’t superstitious, or choose not to believe, offer them some mealworms and wave them on their way. Smiling.

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